Sleep + Dylan Carlson

Sleep + Dylan Carlson

On a quiet rainy summer night in New York, shattering riffs by the Marijuanauts and the Conquistador squeezed all gravity from Brooklyn Steel. 

Dylan Carlson

Introducing his new solo album Conquistador; a beautiful yet hunting amalgam of guitar riffs and melodies, the perfect soundtrack of a postmodern western with melancholic overtones, the ideal score for a Sergio Leone film, perhaps set in a post-apocalyptical world. A bold departure from his work with the band Earth; an ode to minimalism and guitar exploration. 


How in hell (literally) a does band come up with a follow-up album to Dopesmoker? The now infamous and legendary record that merely destroyed the band and yet made them stronger. The Sciences might be the perfect answer, almost 20 years after the recording of their previous release, Sleep released a very focused piece of music full of groove, soundscapes, and heaviness. The slow stoner riffs and bluesy solos of Matt Pike are the perfect contrast to the deep baselines of Al Cisneros, all held together with the heavy pounding drums of Jason Roeder, a new album that explores similar themes expanding their music boundaries,  solidifying the legend that Sleep has become. 

The perfect introduction to the show was the new track Marijuanaut's Theme, their live sound is pristine and –as expected– dense as hell, the band took the audience into a journey of riffs and Iommi-Butler inspired heaviness.

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